Girls Daily Tennis Results


Team Results for Thursday, October 22 (click for: Oct 25 Oct 22 Oct 13 Oct 12 )
Match Results (with W/L records if available)
% Games Won By Court
Upper Arlington 3 (18 / 3) - Olentangy Liberty 0 (10 / 7)
  • 57%
  • 92%
  • 100%
Score: 3-0
% Games: 88%
# Games: 28 - 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is O.o.F? That is the Order of Finish. It is especially popular with college teams to indicate which court (or players) clinched (or secured) the win. As an example, if it was a 3-2 match, the last court to finish "clinched" the match for the winning team. That was the court everyone was watching at the end of the match. This is an optional field that coaches can enter. If your school or coach does not report scores into, please contact via Feedback to have your scores included online.

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