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Total Revamp of OhioTennisZone Should Make Everyone Happy!

Numbers are hard and losing isn't very much fun. Sound familiar?

The entire graphics team of OhioTennisZone feels your pain and has been working overtime to solve this problem. Beginning today, OhioTennisZone will eliminate most numbers and use emojis to indicate scores rather than using those confusing numbers that no one really understands. [Editor's note: Today's update was written by the's Graphics Division. This group feels as if they were wrongly treated in an article that was written about this time last year.]

Not the Winner
Not the

Since the word "losing" has negative connotations, from now on OhioTennisZone will use the term, "not the winner". Wins will be reflected by the symbol on the top. The person(s) who was not the winner will be indicated by the symbol on the bottom.

Most people are familiar with the symbol associated with winning but not the "not the winner" symbol. Rather than use an unside down smile to depict this player, the graphics team felt strongly that the symbol should reflect a person who may have still won the match had it used a different type of scoring system (i.e. Division I college tennis). The graphics team has worked past 2:00pm on more than one Friday and has spent even more time thinking about it to come up with these exciting new symbols.

There was only one match recorded yesterday. It was Cincinnati Country Day Happy! versus Walnut Hills Not as Happy. Click on each team to see the individual results.

Today's matches include: Columbus Academy (A) versus Walsh Jesuit; St John's Jesuit (H) versus St. Ignatius; and St. Xavier (A) versus St. Ignatius.

Happy holiday.



COLUMBUS, OH (OTZ) After an increasing number of angry customer calls, the OTZ Grammar Police, Data Department, and Writers sprang into action against the OTZ Graphics Department. Using unauthorized force, the OTZ Grammar Police brutally ended the coup by the Graphics Department, and the OTZ Data Department restored the service as it was before. [Editor's Note: To be completely honest, the OTZ Grammar Police is always authorized to use unauthorized force.]

OTZ Grammar PoliceOTZ Building
OTZ Grammar Police
Building Entry Point

Preparations to end the coup started early in the day as the OTZ Grammar Police assembled its forces. At 11:01 pm they forced a window open on the fourth floor to take the OTZ Graphics department by surprise in the break room. (Absolutely no one was surprised that they were in the break room.) After that, the Data Department, armed with Excel spreadsheets and computer mice, worked their magic to remove the irritating emojis and to restore numbers to OTZ.. Click on the images above to view preparations and the building entry point.

To learn more about the what the OTZ Graphics Department did, make sure you read yesterday's blog entry.

Now yesterday's results (with numbers)...

Most of the matches were played in Northwest Ohio since St. John's Jesuit invited St. Xavier and St. Ignatius over to play. St. Xavier defeated St. Ignatius and St. John's Jesuit; and St. Ignatius beat St. John's Jesuit. Watch for St. Ignatius to get into the OTZ Top Ten Teams list soon. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Among the top players, St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur defeated St. Ignatius' Josh Hsia and St. John’s Jesuit's Alan Fahoury; St. Ignatius' Josh Hsia beat St. John's Jesuit's Alan Fahoury; St. Xavier's Max DeCurtins defeated St. Ignatius' Andrew Siciliano and St. John’s Jesuit's Dev Laungani; and St. John's Jesuit's Dev Laungani beat St. Ignatius' Arjun Brahmbhatt. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.