OTZ: How to Take a Team Photo

OhioTennisZone is accepting more cell phone photos for team photos. While it is unlikely that the quality of cell phone images will be at the same level as a camera can produce anytime soon, the quality is adequate for what is needed to recognize the players. It is far more important to have a recent team photo than an older photo or no photo at all.

Notre Dame Academy
Notre Dame Academy's Cell Phone Image - Click to Enlarge
Jonathan Alder
Jonathan Alter's Professional Photo - Click to Enlarge

The photo below is of Notre Dame Academy. This is the best cell phone image received last season and it incorporates many of the following attributes: good player spacing, hazy day, and happy players.

When taking a team photo, please follow these suggestions.

Lighting: Position the team to face toward the sun or place the players in the shade. A somewhat hazy day is best.

Positioning: Ask the shorter players to kneel in front with their arms to their sides. It might be a “selfie effect” where players are positioning themselves with their heads touching, but please use a traditional approach when spacing the players.

Missing Players: There will almost always be a missing player. Another photo can be provided later.

Resolution: When emailing the photo to OTZ, the cell phone will ask for the image size. Please do not skimp. OTZ needs an image that is 3-4 MB in size (or a minimal of 1MB in size). If the team is an OTZ Team Member, the team photo will be used to retrieve the individual images for the OTZ Player Profiles. A sample IPhone screenshot is included on the lower right side of this page.

Screen Resolution

Professional Photos: Some teams provide photos that are taken by professionals. That is fine to do as long as the professional has granted permission for the image to be used on OhioTennisZone. Since many professional photographers are compensated by the school for team images, teams typically have permission by photographers to use the image on OTZ. The name of the photographer will be included if requested. Also note that a 1 MB image or greater is needed from the professional.

Contact OTZ with any questions of Feedback or email.