Scott Gerber is the photographer.

Pricing Schedule
Total Cost
1 $19.99 $19.99+ST
2 $17.50 $34.99+ST
3 $15.00 $45.00+ST
4 $12.50 $50.00+ST
5 $12.50 $62.50+ST
6 $12.50 $75.00+ST
7 $12.50 $87.50+ST
8 $12.00 $96.00+ST
9 $12.00 $108.00+ST
10 $12.00 $120.00+ST
ST = 7.5% Sales Tax
For Additional 5x7 Print(s):
1-10 $6.50 / print + ST + $5 shipping
For 5x7 Print(s) ONLY:
1-5 $15.99 / photo + ST
6-10 $9.99/photo + ST
Prices Effective: Feb. 10, 2023


All photos are Copyright-Scott Gerber. Do not use or post any photos unless purchased.

Purchase an OTZ Tennis Photo

OhioTennisZone provides the best high school photo coverage of any media source. Not only does OTZ publish more Ohio high school tennis photos than any other publication (over 150 photos per season), but it also publishes great, high quality tennis photos.

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OTZ photos are taken by me (Scott Gerber). Not only am I on high school courts throughout the state, but I am also court-side on professional courts (i.e. Western & Southern Open) and on collegiate courts (i.e. Ohio State) to capture the action.

I also "know" tennis so I am going to capture photos that help show your player in the best possible light. I am looking for proper form and good "eye-on-ball" technique. If you are trying to impress a college coach or your tennis-playing aunt or uncle, show them your OTZ photos.

OTZ photos are requested by professionals to include on their web pages. The good news is that you do not have to be a tennis professional to get an OTZ photo or be a tennis professional to afford one.

To make it easier to purchase a photo and to see the inventory of photos to buy, OTZ photos are now on SmugMug. They are easy to find because they are listed by date and event (and / or by team dual match). To order a photo, just email (or Feedback) the image file name (i.e. DSC_3092.JPG). This file name is located in the left-hand corner of each image. See below.

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After I know what you want to order, there is still plenty of work for me to do, I will color-correct, sharpen, and crop the image.

Too many from which to pick? I can select what I think would be the best if your budget is one, two, or ten photos.

OTZ's preferred approach is to sell digital photos. Why? It is easy for buyers to include them on, Facebook, and Twitter. It is also easy to include them in digital picture frames. When you purchase a digital photo, the photo appears on the best Ohio high school tennis web site - OhioTennisZone.